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Beige Sunshine

Cheese is the one thing that’s indestructible
How much of your Blue Cross is deductable?
Open your eyes to a wicked surprise
You’ll lose your mind if you just step inside
They say even Bambi was corruptible
The flu’s coming, yes are you susceptible?
If only traces of lead were detectable
Open your brain to a new kind of pain
Just step inside and we’ll all go insane
Please put your thoughts inside a receptacle
You are not one of us your pipes are leaking
You are an ocelot what are you seeking?
Baboons they say say are quite interesting
Ships without rudders aren’t worth commanding
Open your skull to a world that is dull
You’ll find it all when you shop at the mall
People like you are not worth reprimanding

Doing good out of selflessness is unnecessary. Do good deeds to make yourself feel good. Who gives a fuck? What is somebody gonna talk shit, “Well sure they did some good, but they only did it for the buzz they get from helping humanity.” As far as I’m concerned, if what makes you feel good is doing good for others. Then you kinda hit that human experience nail, right on the head.



No one knew of this shark’s existence until 1976. They are rarely seen in shallow water. There have only been three known recordings and fifty-nine specimen sightings of this shark as of May, 2014.

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fuck anime

That’s called hentai

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